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Jinn and Magick in the Modern World

We all know of the Genie in the Magick Lamp from the epic story Arabian Nights. The original term, one that is in continued use today in the Arabic world is JINN.  The Jinn live in underground places in the deserts of central and northern Africa and the Arabic Penninsula. These places include caves, lava tubes and man-made tunnels and chambers such as the network of tunnels that connect the Egyptian pyramids.

The Jinn, like human, were created with free will, and live in a space parallel to ours.  This space is close enough to ours that the Jinn can have influence on it, just as we do on theirs. They are physically invisible to us and so generally ignored, but they are well-enough aware of us.

Jinn work what we call magick in our world, but there is another GIN in the world today that is in touch with our fanciful "Genie in the Magick Lamp." This new GIN offers as much to us as the Genie we are all so familiar with, but you can have more than 3 wishes. This GIN is consistent in that it offers riches currently beyond our wildest imagination. This GIN offers to teach us that the world of abundance is truly within our reach.

This GIN is called the Global Information Network, and its on-staff  wizards are among some of the richest people in the world and the most well-known motivational-speakers and money-coaches alive today! It is these people who are working together to show you how you CAN change your life, and it is these people who have decided to stand against the parasitic-elite by creating a force that will reverse growing the trend of poverty. This same trend of lack is even chewing away at the remnants of  the American "upper-middle class" who have not been able to take the step beyond month-to-month living in spite of their "sufficient" income.

There is no mistake - GIN and its magick will have its way with you!

Global Information Network

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